Անգլերենի ֆլեշմոբ

I. Կազմեք հարցեր, որոնց պատասխանները լինեն տրված նախադասությունները: Տրված են նաև հարցերի սկիզբները:
Option 1
• Where do you …___________________ ?I usually play on the sports ground on Sundays.
• What are the children …___________________ ?The children are watering the flowers.
What are the children watering.
• Does Aram…___________________ ?No, Aram doesn’t often watch TV in the evenings.
Does Aram often watch TV evening.
• Do they…___________________ ?Yes, they always have a gathering in summer.
Do they always gathering in summer.
• Can you…___________________ ?Yes, I can swim very well.
Can you swim well.
II. Համապատասխանեցրեք տառերով նշված նախադասությունները թվերով նշվածներին.1.London is the biggest city …; 2.She didn’t go to school…; 3.It was raining…; 4.On hot summer days…; 5.It is the most beautiful picture…a)…so they didn’t go to football. B)…in the gallery. C)…because she was ill. D) …in Great Britain. E) …they like to spend their time in the forest
Option 1
1. London is the largest city….
in Great Britain.
2.She didn’t go to school…
because she was ill.
3.It was raining…
so they didn’t go to football.
4.On hot summer days….
they like to spend their time in the forest
5.It is the most beautiful picture …
in the gallery
III. Կարո՞ղ եք այս բացատրությունների իմաստը մեկ բառով արտահայտելՕրինակ՝ It shines brightly in the sky and gives us light. The Sun
Option 1
1. It is a very big animal and has a very long nose.
2. Cows give us this white drink.
3. It shines in the sky at night.
4. It is a 2800-years-old city.
5. If you have this Internet program you can speak with and see the person who is very far from you.


Easter is one of the most favourite holidays in Armenia. People celebrate it at the end of March or in April. This year Easter will be celebrated on April 1. It is a Christian holiday connected with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On this day people greet each other by saying «Christ is risen!» and the answer is «Truly, he is risen!» Armenians prepare for Easter 40 days before it. They make malts (ածիկ).. On this day Armenians go to church and then come home, sit at the tables and the whole family celebrates Easter. The Easter meal is fish, dyed eggs and red wine. Children play Easter games. They begin to fight with their eggs and have fun in it.

The Death of Kikos


A poor man had a wife and three daughters. Once, while walking in the garden, he felt he was thirsty and asked his eldest daughter to fetch some water. The eldest daughter took the water pot and went to the spring. There was a tall tree near the spring and she thought to herself.

If I get married,

and have a son,

and we name him Kikos,

And if Kikos comes here,

And climbs up this tree,

And he falls down on the stone,

He will die.

Saying this she began to weep over her dead son Kikos.

I married a man,

And had a son named Kikos.

He climbed up the tree,

Fell down on the stone.

OOOO dear dear Kikos

My son, my honey!

The father waited for a long time but the eldest daughter didn’t come. He sent the medium daughter to see why her eldest daughter was late. And the medium daughter went to the spring.

Then the weeping girl saw her sister and began to cry louder.

-Come on, come on unfortunate aunt.

Come and see what happened to your nephew Kikos.

-Which Kikos?

I married a man,

And had a son named Kikos.

He climbed up the tree,

Fell down on the stone.

OOOO dear dearKikos

My son, my honey!

The medium sister began to cry over her dead nephew.

When the father saw that the medium daughter was also late, he sent the youngest daughter to see why her sisters were late.

So the youngest daughter went to the spring.

The youngest daughter joined her sisters and began crying.

Then the father told his wife to go and see what had happened to their daughters. She came to the spring and saw her daughters singing and crying.

They said: “Come on, come on unfortunate grandmother. Your grandson died and the eldest daughter began singing:

I married a man,

And had a son named Kikos.

He climbed up the tree,

Fell down on the stone.

OOOO dear dear Kikos,

My son, my honey!

Poor mother joined her daughters.

Then the father thought that something had happened and went to the spring. He saw that her daughters and wife were crying near the spring.

At that moment the daughters began to cry in a loud voice:

Come on come on unfortunate grandfather.

The father listened to them and then he said that they couldn’t bring Kikos back by crying. He advised to call the neighbours to drink to the memory of Kikos

the liar

By Hovhannes Tumanyan

Once upon a time there was a king. This king declares all over his country: “Anyone who tells such a lie that I say it is a lie, I will give them half of my kingdom.”

There comes a shepherd and says: “Your majesty, my father had a cane and he could reach the stars in the sky with it.”

“There may be such a thing”, answers the king, “My grandfather had a pipe so long that he put one end in his mouth and lit it with the sun.”

The liar goes out puzzled.

There comes a tailor and says: “I am sorry for being late, my king, I was to come earlier. It rained a lot yesterday, lightning struck, the sky was ripped up, I had to go and mend it.”

“Well, good of you”, says the king, “But you didn’t mend it well. It rained a little this morning.”

This one goes out too.

There comes in a poor peasant with a pan under his arm.

“What do you want, man?”, asks the king.

“You owe me a pan full of gold, I have come for it”

“A pan full of gold?”, the king gets surprised, “You are telling a lie. I don’t owe you any gold.”

“If I am telling a lie, then give me half of your kingdom”

“No, no, you are telling the truth”, the king changes his word.

“If I am telling the truth, give me a pan full of gold”

Hovhannes Tumanyan

Hovhannes Tumanyan was born in the village of Dsegh in 1869.

At first, he studied at the primary school in Dsegh, and then he continued his education in Jalaloghly (now Stepanavan). Tumanyan began writing poems when he was still 12.

 At the age of 14, Hovhannes Tumanyan went to Tiflis where he studied at Nersesyan School.

 Hovhannes Tumanyan wrote poems, poems for children, quatrains (քառյակներ), short stories, tales.

I like his poems for children. For example, «Գրիչը», «Ձյունը», «Աշուն»: I also like his tales. For example, “The Death of Kikos”, “The Black Kiddy”, “The Liar”. Tumanyan’s most touching story is “Gikor”. But Hovhannes Tumanyan’s masterpiece is the poem “Anush”.

Tumanyan liked peace very much. He criticized people who quarrelled and fought. He also criticized kings who began wars because of nothing. Tumanyan’s peaceful character is seen in his poems “The Dog and the Cat” and “A Drop of Honey”.  

Tumanyan (2).jpg

A Cat And Her Strong Friends

Once there lived a cat. She thought, «The lion is the strongest of all the animals. It is good to have strong friends. I shall go to the lion and make friends with him.»
She did so and the lion and the cat were friends for many, many days.
Once they went for a walk together and met an elephant. The lion began to fight with the elephant and the elephant killed him.
The cat was very sorry. «What shall I do?» she thought.
«The elephant was stronger than the lion. I shall go to the elephant and make friends with him.»
She did so and they were friends for many, many days.

Once they went for a walk and met a hunter. The hunter shot at the elephant and killed him. The cat was sorry, but she thought, «The man is stronger than the elephant, I see.»
So she went up to the hunter and asked, «May I go with you?»
«All right, let us go home together,» he said.
They came to the man’s home. His wife met him and took his gun from him. The cat saw that and thought: «Oh, the woman is the strongest of all! She can take the hunter’s gun from him, and he does not fight with her. He does not even say a word!» The man sat down at the table and the woman went to the kitchen. The cat went to the kitchen too. She decided to stay with the woman forever.

That’s why you always see a cat in the kitchen at a woman’s feet.